External Relations Officer at the Illinois Policy Institute.

October 18, 2018, Rob is a client of David's

David brings a wealth of HR experience for management of staffing, policy development, and HR strategy. His expertise and knowledge have been extremely valuable for my small business in transitioning to a new level. His counsel and advisory services are a tremendous asset and resource for any business, large or small.

David is a great resource for our HR Dept. With certain situations at our organization he has been able to assess our given situations , bring an outside prospective to the situation then work us through to a sane and proper resolution. His years of experience can provide reassurance that we are making proper HR moves during the course of our day to day business affairs.

Judy Storey Maritato, Data analytics and market insights for better decisions
December 17, 2013, Judy was a client of David’s

​David is a complete professional in the HR space and I have complete reliance on him designing and managing a process from soup to nuts. I would recommend him to any business to do whatever is required in this now confusing world of people management.

Customer Testimonials - (External Clients and Internal Core Business Partners)

Andy McCormack, Vice President at Smithereen Pest Management, 

August 15, 2017, Andy was a client of David’s

Active HR Leadership

David's experience has helped our company to navigate through the turbulent times of an up and down economy. His knowledge of the HR process was instrumental in our success as we expanded our work force of hourly and salaried employees and then unfortunatley the reduction in force that we also experienced. Without his calm and steady approach throughout the process our company and our senior management would not have been successful. The proceedures and policies that he implemented while employed at LCP are still in use and have been fully adopted by our staff.

I am grateful to have worked with David and highly recomend him to anyone looking for a truly professional HR Director.

Pete Douglas, Senior Vice President Director of Sales/Marketing at Lake County Press
May 12, 2010, Pete was senior to David but didn’t manage directly